In November 2012, Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance met Sergio Medina on the Rock Yourself to Sleep tour while Medina filled in as guitarist for Hail the Sun. During this tour, Swan enlisted Medina as his guitar tech, and the two became fast friends. Sergio showed Will his newest project Stolas, and Will saw the band as the much-needed impetus for a record label he planned to start where he could showcase bands in which he saw unique potential. Two months later, Stolas signed its first recording contract for their debut album Living Creatures with the newly-dubbed Blue Swan Records.


Swan’s goal to provide a platform for bands to gain traction with a wider fan base rapidly spread roots in his hometown of Sacramento. In 2013, Swan enlisted Medina as vice-president of BSR and signed Hail the Sun, Eidola, Adventurer, and Kurt Travis. Blue Swan also became home for his side projects Sianvar and Secret Band. These acquisitions quickly poised Blue Swan Records as the mothership for an already growing resurgence of post-hardcore centered around the west coast, a development  indicated no more clearly than in the christening of this genre as “swancore.”


Today, Blue Swan continues its current goals of creating a permanent home for this burgeoning music scene while also turning an eye towards diversification of potential new bands, all while operating within the parameters of an independent label. This operational design allows Swan and company to ensure current and future label-mates receive careful consideration from Blue Swan’s core team as they also seek greater opportunities for both the label and its roster. Check out the full list of Blue Swan bands as well as their upcoming releases and tours.